Digital Bolt®

Having total confidence in the assembly of your bolted joints you improve your value proposition.

*75% of the bolted joint failures are caused by an inconsistent tightening

  • Digital Bolt® technology application | Oil and Gas industry
  • Digital Bolt® technology application | Offshore Wind Energy TP - MP


Design to load

  • Tightened directly to load with ±3% accuracy in 3σ
  • Reliability and safety in high value and high risk installations
  • More efficient light weight designs and reduced development time and costs

Assemble to load

  • Tighten to designed load (and not torque) with high accuracy
  • Unnecessary torque checks and disassembly/reassembly eliminated
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Guarantee of the respect of assembly procedure

Inspect to load

  • Identification and traceability of each unique fastener
  • Quick and accurate bolt load inspection

Complete data log of maintenance history permit:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Predictive maintenance

Ultrasonic Fastener Technology

The Digital Bolt® technology provides direct measurement of load instead of torque in fasteners during assembly.

The transducer is only 50 microns thick. Form, fit or function of the fastener is not affected or changed, providing unique traceability

Load inspections are possible for monitoring throughout the life of the bolted joint.

Erreka develops Remote monitoring systems specific for each project with our customers' collaboration

Safe Conectivity SSH

Are you concerned about the tightening of your equipment located in unaccessible places?

We guide you with the best tightening strategy to avoid maintenance operations in unaccessible areas.

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