About us

Fully integrated in the Mondragon Group, ERREKA is a cooperative company founded in 1.961 and therefore has a long history of entrepreneurship.

Every one of our business lines is distinct however we share values and culture that identify us.
Erreka's members have collectively selected a list of key values, which are also applied to the relationship with suppliers, customers and other organizations as well as with the rest of the members of the company.


The positive attitude; I identify areas for improvement and put into place solutions that are in my power to resolve.

Customer orientation

The positive attitude; I promise to turn the client´s requests and information input into an opportunity to improve.


The positive attitude; I will interact with everyone openly and respectfully.

Achievement orientation

The positive attitude; I commit to doing everything in my power to complete our objectives.

Willingness to change

The positive attitude; I commit to promoting suggestions that will improve my surroundings and my work.

Cooperation and teamwork

The positive attitude; I promote cooperation among the different areas.

Business unit forming ERREKA cooperative company


Humanity at work

We are part of the Mondragon Corporation

The group is composed of more than 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives, which is the first Basque business group and the tenth in Spain.